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Kate Austin Annette Blair Maura Anderson Cathy Clamp Anya Bast

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About The Witchy Chicks

We're ten wicked-good women who write about magic, fantasy, and the paranormal. We write across the board--all genres, really. From urban fantasy to mystery, from romance to erotica, from novels to novellas to screenplays to nonfiction, we cover most of the bases between us. From NY publishers to ebooks, we cross yet more boundaries. Further down on the side bar you can see our pictures, our new releases, our links, etc.

Yasmine Galenorn and Linda Wisdom started this blog in late September of 2005, adding members as we went, until we hit a comfortable number. We've become family, as well as just a random group of bloggers, and that's the real magic of our group of witchy chicks.

Members: Yasmine Galenorn, Linda Wisdom, Lisa DiDio, Terey Daly Ramin, Candace Havens, Kate Austin, Annette Blair, Maura Anderson, Cathy Clamp, and our newest member: Anya Bast.  We have one Witchy Chick alumni: Madelyn Alt.

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